Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Buckhorn Quilt Show

It is peaceful here in the backwoods today.  I am catching up on some housework, my husband is bringing some cedar posts from the back of the property and the dog is sleeping.
On the weekend, I went to a quilt show in Buckhorn.  It was the first time I had been able to get to that one and it was very nicely organized.  One of the best features was plenty of room for the vendors.  I usually find that they seem to be an afterthought and get tucked into any available left over space.  It is difficult-sometimes impossible, to see the products or purchase anything.
I bought some Jinny Beyer border fabric and Roxanne wash out white glue that I want to try for applique and binding.
It was a long drive home and the weather was dreadful.  It was so windy with periodic downpours that, at one point, I pulled over and stretched. After stopping in Huntsville for shopping, I arrived home in time for supper, exhausted but happy.
Yesterday, my husband brought home some more hens.  These are a combination meat and laying birds and includes a rooster so we are hoping for some babies.  They are being kept in their coop at the moment until they get used to their new home but, when they are allowed out, I will take a photo.  They really are beautiful birds.

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