Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Wind in the Forest

Before I get into today's posting I must correct my spelling of our newest member's name.  Sorry, Lynda, I have a dear friend who uses the 'y' in her name and I usually try to make sure I get everyone's name spelt correctly.

Yesterday, we went to North Bay to visit my son and his wife.  How wonderful to be able to have them living so close to us.  It is barely an hours drive from our house and will be quicker once all the construction is finished.
After our visit, we did some shopping and then fought a head wind all the way home.  We got back in time for the hydro to go out so, as long as we had some natural light, I sorted through some papers in the quilt room and found patterns that I forgot I had.  After a candlelight supper, we played cards.  Hydro One estimated that service would be returned by seven and, sure enough, at 6.55, we had power.  It was just in time for me to watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.
I took this video as the wind was settling down and, as you can see, the trees are still moving.  These trees are approximately 100 feet tall.
We did have some come down the previous night and my husband had to remove one from the driveway before we could leave.  I think things are supposed to quiet down today so I can get back to my sewing and finish the big pot of chili I started the previous day.


  1. Thanks for correcting the spelling, but I am so used to people using the "i" instead of the "y". I just think it looks better with the "y", but then, I'm a bit biased!

  2. That must have been the edge of the typhoon that just left our area heading North east!
    I enjoyed your mouseie tale too. We finished a long mouse saga in the year of the mouse (oriental zodiac 2009)that is as funny as yours.