Friday, October 15, 2010

Nov. BOM

I love shoes.  I don't buy as many as I used to when I lived in the city but I still slow down when passing a display.  I am particularly fond of high heals whether in a boot or a shoe.  Again, I rarely where them now but I still like them.  My favourite pair of heels would be bright red leather with some bling.
This month's block is in honour of shoes.  You can make yours any colour you want.  As it is an applique, you can hand or machine stitch the pattern to the background.

You will need back ground fabric 12 1/2" square and approx 10" sqare for your shoe.
Trace the shoe pattern onto a piece of cardboard, cut out and then trace onto your fabric.  If you are hand stitching, add 1/4" before cutting.  If using iron on fusable or machine stitching, cut fabric without adding the seam allowance.
Attach the pattern to your background fabric using your preferred method.

Add some bling if desired.
You may need to enlarge this photo after printing.
Have fun.

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