Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More UFO's to Finish

Welcome to new member Linda.  Be sure to check back postings for free patterns.  There is an on going Block of the Month-posted every 15th, and I started a contest on Oct 14th.
I delivered the bird quilt to its new home on Friday and it's owner was pleased with it. It is nice to be able to do something you love and get paid for it.  As I am still learning to operate my quilt frame and machine, I keep my prices lower to reflect my skill level.  I also try to put extra work into the blocks and piecing to make up for the quilting. 
One of the wonderful things about this craft is that there is always something new to learn.  One of the ladies who belongs to an on line quilt group just posted her excitement about successfully completing a few rows.  All of us who read it, could indentify with the feeling.
I have decided to tackle one of the projects that I gave up on some time ago.  The blocks consists of the lone star pattern and I had so much trouble getting all those seams to match.  I now have a different machine and, hopefully, more skill so I am going to have another try.  Last night I took apart the ones that were the worst and, after I get this blog and the housework finished, I will reassemble.  I don't think I am going to make any more blocks.  There are enough for a nice lap blanket.

Yesterday morning while eating breakfast, I saw a movement on our neighbours property.  As I watched, a little red fox trotted across the ridge.  They are such lovely creatures and, as they eat mice and other vermin, are welcome neighbours.  It has been raining quite heavily here so my husband hasn't got out hunting.  Today he is working on our wood supply.  Take from pile, chop, move to another pile closer to the house. He also had to replace Heidi's run line as it had got quite frayed.  There is always something to do, isn't there.

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