Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Fun

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend.  Many of you will have been with family as Roger and I were.  We had a lovely visit with my brother and wife on Sunday.  It was still nice enough to sit outside and watch the motorcyclists and other road users pass by.  Everyone was enjoying the last little bit of colour that was left in the leaves. 
Yesterday, here in the backwoods, it got quite a bit cooler and I had the woodstove on in the evening and kept it going today.  There is definately a hint of the coming winter in the air.
After breakfast, I took Heidi for a walk and then got in some more wood.  I have set myself a goal of finishing the quilting on the bird quilt today.  I also have a paper pieced pattern to work out and another pattern for Quilter's Connection newsletter to send in before the end of the month.  There never seems to be an end of quilty things to do. That isn't a complaint, by the way.
My son phoned last night to tell me that he and his wife have moved to North Bay.  That is only an hours drive from us so I am pleased to have them so much closer.  They had been thinking about moving north but I hadn't realized the decision had been made.  Now I can look forward to another family member being here for holidays  as well as other times.
It is the strangest feeling to find myself surrounded by family with more arriving in the next few years.  I had got used to having everyone either in different countries or other provinces.  All this makes me wonder how many more surprises there will be in the coming months.

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