Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Contest

I have the bird quilt out of the frame and doing the finishing work on my table machine.  I like to quilt the borders separately and, if I don't have the extension on the frame, I also add them later.  I am quite pleased with the way this has turned out. 
Tomorrow I will have another BOM for you-haven't thought what it will be yet but I think it is going to be an applique.
Is there a quilting technique that you always wanted to do but never got around to?  I have a friend that does wonderful embellishments.  She did a Christmas wall hanging that had tiny strings of lights, stars and a myriad of details that must have taken hours to do.
The moderator of a group to which I belong asked if anyone did embellishments which led me to this idea.
I am going to hold a contest.  The rules are fairly simple. 

1 -Make a wall hanging (your choice as to size)
2-Add embellishments (your choice as to what they are)
3-Take a photo and of the completed project and send it to me.
Winner gets a prize.
Closing date for entries is Nov. 30
Entries will be judged on workmanship and  imagination (interpretation).


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