Friday, October 29, 2010

One Little Mouse

I got a bit cooler yesterday so we decided to start the wood store.  I keep an old oven mitt hanging from the thing that holds the poker, brush, shovel etc. and I use it (sometimes) so I don't burn myself when adding wood.  When I took it from the hook, it thought it was a little heavy and then felt what seemed like small stones in the mitt part.  I looked inside and saw about a cup of our dogs dry food.  We thought she had been eating more than usual but now we can see what happened.
We had a mousie in the house recently and, even though we put out a trap, hadn't caught it.  No wonder.  It looks as though it was getting the dog food, carrying it through the kitchen and livingroom, up the stand and into the glove.  It must have thought it had found a wonderfully cosy place to spend the winter.  I dumped the food outside for the squirrels and the mitt into the garbage.
The ingenuity of the little creature amazed us.
We also now understand why Heidi was frantically eating her food anytime any of us came near her dish!

Bought some batting today to start my projects for the local craft fair and yesterday evening I got back to working on the samples for my book.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Isn't it amazing how the creatures move in every year when the weather cools. My mom always finds "evidence" in her teatowel drawer in the kitchen when they have "tenants." One year we were sitting at the kitchen table when little bits of dust started falling from the ceiling. Looking up, we could see a little nose through the hole right beside the light fixture. Here Kitty, kitty,....

  2. I just think it is lovely that a mouse found your house so are right the ingenuity of the little creature...amazing..
    right now there are so many online sales going on!!