Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Needles Finished.

We had another storm on Friday with the hydro going out for a little bit.  I disconnected the computer and sewing machine once again and worked on some hand quilting.  Saturday, everything was back to normal, or so we thought.  Later in the day, we found that our phone was out and it didn't come back into service until mid afternoon today.  There must have been a number of lines down.
I don't especially miss the phone as a lot of my communication is done via email and, of course, we have cell phones. We don't have great coverage for the latter here so we do need a land line for normal use.
Little Heidi got her last needle today for her yearly check up.  She gets ill if she has all the shots together so, even though it means two trips to another community, it is worth it.
I have almost finished the table runner top and am now sewing the rows together.  It is much prettier than I first thought when cutting out the fabric.  I think I will use the pattern again perhaps for a small lap quilt.

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