Tuesday, February 14, 2017

And Still it Snows

It is still snowing here is beautiful Almaguin Highlands.  Our driveway was ploughed on Saturday and then again yesterday and, I suspect, at least once more this week.  I took Heidi for a walk earlier being careful to make sure she was wearing her booties and coat  trying to reduce the amount of snow sticking to her hair.  Didn't work.  She still had to be dumped into the kitchen sink when we got back.
If you had trouble accessing the free pattern I shared with you on Friday, go to my web page: arkangelcreations.net, Free Stuff and then click download on  Two Hearts United.  I had some problems with Craftsy.  It is sorted out now but my web site is the easiest and you may find some other patterns you like.
My sympathies to those in the eastern Provinces who are really experiencing a bad snow all-some areas up to 3 feet.

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