Friday, February 3, 2017

An Encouraging Group

I have been making good headway on my granddaughters quilt.  I have been doing it assembly line style and the rows for each block are coming together quickly.  I should be ready to start sewing the rows together tomorrow as hubby is out doing some volunteer work.
Other than that, not a great deal of information to share.  I have been working pretty steadily on a writing project and it too, is progressing.  This will be long term but a bit each day will keep it moving.
We had quite a discussion on mental health on our on line group today.  We have an amazing group of compassionate and intelligent women who are willing to be vulnerable to be helpful.  If you are a quilter who is looking for a place to share, be encouraged and have fun, please check us out.  We are always accepting of new members especially those who take the time to participate in the conversations and special events.  You can find us at:
Have a great weekend,

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