Friday, February 10, 2017

Free Pattern.

I received notice today that my shipment of Island Batik fabrics is on its way.
It  will probably take a week or so as it comes from the U.S.  but I am spending the time getting ready.  I like to keep all the goodies in a separate place so I have to get a drawer cleaned out. 
I also finished my Valentine's Island Batik project using fabric left over from last year.  I have called it Two Hearts Make One.  The pattern is below.

To make this little quilt, you will need four 10" squares and two 5". A couple of the larger squares should be contrasting colours. For the backing, you will need two 11 X 11 or if you want to self bind as I did, 12" X 12" will work.  Batting and matching thread will complete the materials list.
Set two of the 10" squares aside for the background.  Fold each of the  two contrasting 10" squares in half and cut half a heart shape from each.  Note:  remember the fold is the centre of the heart.
Repeat this step with the 5" squares.
Cut the large hearts in half on the fold line.  Sew half of one heart to the half of one cut from a different fabric.  Press seam to one side. 
Place heart in centre of background square and stitch around it with a narrow satin stitch.  Place small heart centred over the large one.  Note: do not cut small heart.
Stitch around small heart.  Repeat with remaining squares.  Layer top, batting and backing and quilt.  I stitched around the two hearts but you might want to do something fancier. Trim if necessary and bind.
You can use this pattern to make a larger quilt using each heart square as a block.
The complete pattern including heart templates will be available on Craftsy as a free download.  I will let you know when I have it uploaded.

We got more snow again today but it is supposed to be warm enough tomorrow for some of it to melt.  Of course, that also means our driveway will be slushy and difficult to navigate.  We are going into the village tomorrow as our welcome centre, which has new ownership, is having is official opening.  Cake and other cookies beguile us from our rural retreat.
Our neighbours called this afternoon to see if we could run over and see to their goats.  They had all been delayed in a meeting an hour north of us.  They have a dairy herd of mini goats and they are just like puppies-playful and friendly.  Of course, our dog was interested in the new scent on our clothes when we got home.
Have a good weekend.  If you make the pattern, I would love to see  your version.

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  1. Very cute! And how resourceful to use last year's batiks. They are wonderful! I'm sure your box will be there soon. Can't wait for the big reveal!