Monday, July 31, 2017

Once in a Lifetime

A whale watching tour was one of the highlights of our holiday.  It was a lovely warm day but still quite cool and windy on the water.  The guidelines said to take warm clothing which we did.  Many others chose not to and spent most of the trip in the bar area.  We saw a fin whale which is one of the largest as well a group of beluga cows with their calves. Seals bobbed in the waves and a number of birds soared around looking for fish.  The birds were the first indication that there might be whales in an area.
My Sister and I


We were on the largest boat so the ride was smooth. I only got a bit dizzy a couple of times and it was very mild. 

There was a lot of these smaller boats buzzing around but everyone respected each other's space.  If there was an indication of a whale, all the engines were cut and the vessels just drifted as was required by the regulations.
The trip was expensive but well worth the money as we all felt it was a 'once in a lifetime' event.

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