Monday, July 24, 2017


I think I must have flipped the wrong month up on my calendar.  It says July but that can't be right because we started up the wood stove today.  It has been cool and damp all day.  Damp is rather a large understatement as it poured in the morning.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better so I am doing a couple loads of laundry so I can hang it out them.
I don't know why it is but whenever you go on holiday, you seem to have twice as much laundry to do when you return.  We did take extra towels with us in case we had a chance to go swimming-we didn't but I didn't want to just stick them back in the cupboard after they were in a hot van for ten days.
Our first day of sightseeing was in Quebec City.  This tall ship was in port and we spent quite a bit of time looking it at it and taking photos.  It was quite an impressive sight.
This statue was also at the port.  It was to honour all the seamen who died during the war while serving on the merchant ships.

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  1. Wasn't that weather nuts yesterday! We also lit the woodstove for a bit to chase the cold damp. We are so done with rain. I see on the local news, yet another beaver dam has burst and taken out one of our county roads. Our farmer friends are in a dither. Small farmers don't all have crop insurance.