Thursday, March 30, 2017

Walking the Snow Banks

I have been getting the studio ready for my virtual retreat weekend.  Our on line group, hearts2hands, decided it was time for another.  I am going to be turning some left over blocks into hot pads that will be donated to a fundraiser for cancer patients in our area.  Am also going to get the binding added to some quilts that have been finished for some time and then will sandwich and quilt the runner and placemat set that I did a while ago.  That should keep me busy for most of the weekend.
I am focusing on getting some of the items that have been sitting around for a while done and out the door.  Most will be given to a charity and others are a gift.  Then I can start on some new projects.
It was sunny and warm again today and I decided to go for a walk in the morning before the ground softened into mud.  Heidi likes to walk on the snow banks on the side of the road which helps keep her clean but she still needed her tummy and feet wiped when we got back.
We had a friend here for a couple of days as she was doing a presentation in a city an hour north of us.  It was nice having some time to catch up, go for a walk and sit outside enjoying the sun.  Tuesday evening we went into the village to hear a couple give a talk and demonstration on the Passover.  On the way back, hubby put on  an old country gospel cd  and we all sang the songs on the drive home.  A fun time.

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