Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cheese Curds

It has been very windy today.  My little car was tossed around like a raft on the ocean when I went into the village this morning.  I expect it was much worse on the highway and, in fact, a truck blew over on its side on the Burlington Skyway bridge.  I am always concerned about my son on these days as he drives transport.  It isn't only driving the work vehicle that can be hazardous but the long drive to and from work as well.
Tonight is movie night.  Every so often we will have our neighbour friends over to watch a movie and eat popcorn.  I am not a big movie fan but I just make sure I have some hand quilting to do.  I don't eat popcorn either  so I get my own little treat.  Today, I went to one of our little specialty shops and got some dill seasoned cheese curds.  They are really good.  It is amazing the different things a person can buy if they take the time to look around.
If you were on the road today, I hope all your wheels stayed on the road.

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