Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Nice Day

It was cool today but the sun was brilliant.  I had a meeting about half an hour further into the country and the drive was lovely.  Another lady and I were meeting with the president of our art group to discuss some marketing strategies for the group. I hadn't been to her house before and, when I got there, I was sorry I hadn't brought my camera.  She lives on a beautiful piece of property with a hill rising to one side and fields stretching as far as you could see to the back.  Her house is a lovely squared timber.  Our discussion was accompanied by pie and coffee (tea in my case) which always makes conversation easier.
The other lady had picked me up so I didn't have to figure out where I was going which made the journey far more relaxing for me as I have a tendency to get lost.  It was hubby's turn to get supper tonight so I did a bit more sewing after I got home as well as some work on the computer.  I am making some place mats to go with the table runner that I just finished.  The runner was a kit I purchased from Connecting Threads and they provided enough fabric that I am able to do the mats with the left overs. All in all, a nice day,

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