Friday, October 21, 2016

The End of Fall?

I've had a very productive day.  I loaded a quilt onto my frame this morning and it is almost done.  Also cut the fabric for a couple of batik mug mats-Island Batik, of course.  Covered some of the plants ready for winter, brought in some wood and took the dog for a walk.  It was a brisk walk as I had on a light coat and it was cooler than I thought it was. 
We are getting  below freezing temperatures this coming week so it seems as though fall might be drawing to a close.  I got some of my winter clothes out of storage today as well and folded my shorts and summer tops ready to be put away for the season.  It always takes a few days doing the seasonal clothes change over and each time I discard the things I didn't wear.  However, I still always seem to have a lot more things than I really need.
I am trying to type with the dog on my lap.  She is feeling a bit fidgety tonight.  Not sure why.  Perhaps she can smell a bear or something. Or just wants to be fussed.
Have  a great weekend,

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