Thursday, October 6, 2016

Go Blue Jays!

I have had a productive day.  I  finished the quilt that is on the fame with the exception of the side borders.  I will have to turn the quilt to do those as it is too big for the frame. Also got a lot done on another quilt I am piecing and listened to our Blue Jays win a baseball game
Hubby and I connect the Jays with our wedding.  Just after we were married, we were living in two different Provinces: he in Alberta and I in Ontario as I finished out my tern on city council.  T hat was the year the Jays won the first championship.  I would phone him and we would listen to the last few innings together. It was a good year.  Our team one and we began a new, wonderful life together.
The next year I was in Alberta and driving a bus for special needs children.  We listened to the games on the radio as I drove them home.  If the Jays won, they got a treat the next day. 
Although our team hasn't done as well until last year, we still support them.  I am not a big sports fan but I do like the Jays.  We don't get the TV station the carries the games so we listen to the radio just like we did years ago.
Go Blue Jays.

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