Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Chicken Auction

It has been a busy few days.  Helped our son and his wife move on Friday, Saturday went to a chicken auction (more about that), Sunday it was church and a pot luck, Monday quilting, Tuesday visiting and today we had company.  In between, I am working on 3 quilts that all have to be done right away.
The chicken auction was a first for us.  We wanted to go and see what it was about as we will, eventually, be adding to our flock.  The auction took place about three quarters of an hour drive from us and it was a lovely day with the fall colours not quite at peak but still glorious.
The auction took place at the agricultural centre of the community and was well attended.  In addition to the chickens, geese and ducks, there were guinea hens, pigeons, budgies, rabbits,  ne ferret and a miniature goat.  We really enjoyed the event and are planning on going again next year when we will be buying some more layers.
Whenever we do something like this, I think back to how, just a few years ago, we were living in a large city, dealing with constant traffic and walking across the road to do our shopping.
Who would have thought our lives would change so much?
Tomorrow I hope to have photos of my latest projects.  I would have been much further on with one but, after carefully drawing sewing lines on 200 two and a half inches squares, I discovered I had cut and marked the wrong fabric!  Good think I have lots and I will be able to put those squares to good use in another project.

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