Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Well, the Blue Jays are out of the running for the Baseball Championship so it is back to normal for us.  No shame in loosing to a team with such great pitchers but we were all full of hope.
I just finished filling an order for neck scarves for the local Scout group and now can get back at doing some quilting.  I finished a top on Monday and will get it on the frame.  I have a craft show coming up early Nov. so need to get some things made for that.
It seems like I never get caught up.  It isn't only quilting and writing that need my time but things like planting spring bulbs or giving the dog a hair trim.  I know you probably have the same problem.  Our speaker, on Sunday, said that if time is infinite why do we never have enough of it?  Good question.  The answer is,  more than likely,  because we take on more than we should.
Someone said that there is time enough to rest after you are dead but that doesn't seem to be the right solution.  Perhaps, I will declare a me day.  I won't do anything that has to be done for someone else (except hubby and dog).  I will work on my own quilting projects or just read a book.
Some day!

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