Tuesday, December 15, 2015

White Christmas

We got a tiny dusting of snow here in the backwoods today and the temperature has dropped below freezing.  We are supposed to get snow for the next few days so we may get a white Christmas; at least here in the north.  I have depleted one of the woodpiles hubby did for me in preparation for his operation.  There is another, much larger one, just outside the backdoor so I don't think I will have to do a great deal of carrying before he is able to return to his chores.  It is hard on my neck but has to be done.  I can get a treatment when everything returns to normal.
I finished the binding on my crib quilt today and got the last side of the border on the foundation pieced top.  Then I washed them both.  The crib quilt has a lot of very light grey and it had got dingy.  There was still small bits of paper on the top so I was hoping that washing would take care of them.  Which it did.  Unfortunately, a few seams came lose so I will have to repair them before I start quilting.  It is better that this happened to me rather than a customer.
I posted a link to a block a day challenge on Friday and have heard from some of you that have signed up.  The members of my on line group had, like me, decided not to do it but then one changed her mind and then another and now quite a few are going to give it a try.  I can't imagine actually being able to keep up with one a day but some are, apparently, small, so I might be able to do a number of them on quilt day.

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