Thursday, December 17, 2015


It was a relaxing day today.  I got together with a couple of friends and spent it working on a quilt block.  We are all doing the same one so we can help/encourage each other through the steps.  The quilt was originally a block of the month kit so we do a block each time we get together. 
I really needed a day to stop everything and de-stress. 
Step son arrived late this afternoon so he will be able to take over the heavier outside work now which will be much easier for me.  My back and neck are protesting the heavy lifting I have been doing.  I will have to go to the doctor's and get a treatment but will wait until I know I won't be hurting them again.
I am going to get the label on the quilt I finished so I can get into the store tomorrow.  Perhaps it will end up under a tree for a new baby.

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