Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pass the Shoe Horn.

Happy Dec. 1st.  We start the month with a new refrigerator and freezer.  They arrived yesterday .  The day before a neighbour came over and helped us remove everything from the freezer, put it in totes and into the back of the van where they stayed until today.  We were only able to do this because the weather, fortunately, was cold enough.  We got everything put into the new freezer this morning and then, after lunch, tackled the fridge.  We still have another, larger one, in the kitchen, but needed this one because we buy in bulk. 
Where to put the second one was a problem but we finally fund a spot in another area of the kitchen.  We had to take a leaf out of the table, move a stand that was there into the master bedroom.  That fits behind the door and holds the large crockpot, electric skillet etc.
I don't know how people live in little houses or apartments.  This place isn't big-just over 1400 square feet, so we are always having to be creative about storage.  Sometimes, I feel like the old woman in the show. Of course, my hubby is always building so having out buildings help.  Our next project is to redo the mudroom so it is more stable and a bit bigger. When that is done, we can add shelving which will hold my canning supplies and other odds and ends.  I am sure he feels it is going to be a never ending process.  Fortunately, he enjoys doing it.
Our tree lighting and Christmas parade are this weekend so that should push me into finishing my tree and house decorating.  We still don't have any snow on the ground which would do the most to make it feel like Christmas.

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