Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cards in the Landfill

Tomorrow is going to be busy and a bit stressful day for my hubby.  He is going to the hospital in the morning for some day surgery.  He will be laid up for awhile and not able to lift anything so I will be taking over the responsibility of looking after the chicken flock and getting in wood.  Our middle son is coming for a visit from Alberta and will be staying for a few weeks so that will really help.
I got all my foundation pieced blocks put together today so I can take a bit of a break and work on some other projects.  It has been a long process getting those done but I am pleased with how they look.
We are just getting our Christmas cards sent off and we have decided that this will be the last year we are going to send them.  The cost of stamps and the cards themselves continues to rise and the money could be better spent on other things.  We will be making a donation to a charitable agency that buys chickens and other items such as school supplies for those in developing countries.  A much better option than a card that will be looked at for a few days and then tossed into the landfill.
I think people are sending less and less cards, largely due to the ease of e cards.  I am not sure I will do that route but we will see next year.  A phone call seems to be a better idea.
Our Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ and I think this decision better reflects that.

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