Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Good Day at the Fair

It poured all day here and some of the fair activities had to be cancelled but it was still a fun day.  We met a couple there who are new to the area and had fun showing and explaining all that was going on.  They also raise chickens so the poultry and rabbit area was a hit  It is quite interesting looking at all the various breeds and the different personalities they all have.  A young man we know entered his pet hen.  He had given it a bath and even painted its toenails a bright blue!
My entries did very well.  I submitted 7 quilted articles.  Five won first prize, one got a second and the other didn't place.  My doll outfit also got first prize.  The quilt photo I posted yesterday was one of the winners.

Continuing-Just as I finished the last sentence, my computer crashed.  I am on hubby's laptop now until my new pc comes in and is loaded.  An  inconvenience but such is life.  Won't be able to post photos.

Hope everyone had a safe weekend.  I probably won't be posting much until everything is back to normal.

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