Thursday, December 1, 2022

Cozy Indoors

 The weather outside if frightful but, inside it is delightful.  We had a heavy rainfall overnight which changed to snow and fog as the day went on.  I think we are supposed to end up with freezing rain.

Other than I can't get out for my walk, I don't care about the weather.  I made my Christmas cakes this morning so that is another big chore finished. Next week, I get the tree and inside decorations done.   I am waiting to see how Ally cat deals with the tree.  It is on a desk (which won't stop her from levitating up) so perhaps she might not pay attention.

I am still sorting through all my left over blocks, strips and pieced half square triangles.  I did one container at quilt group and still have two more to go.  I think I am going to do a sampler with the blocks, probably more than one.  I may also do a quilt as you go with the strips and pieced sections.  I swear the fabric is multiplying.  As fast as I get one bin sorted, it seems as though another one appears from somewhere.  I wonder what would happen if I got rid of them all.  Would they reappear when I wasn't looking?  (Getting some hydro flickers so we may be losing that).

I am watching my outside decorations and I think they may end up on our neighbours property.  The wind is really gusting.    Our grandchildren and family had an earthquake this morning.  They are in northern Alberta.

(Well, it turns out I am better at predicting that I wanted to be.  Hydro only went out for a moment or two but the internet stayed out.  We had a dreadful storm with white out conditions on the road.  We are snowed in until the plow gets here) All is warm and cozy inside and I am finishing up my entries for the craft fair.


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